Well Hung Derek Rivero

If you wanted to know why Zach Randall married Derek Rivero, then all you needed to do is see how large Derek’s cock is.  This guys is extremely well hung.   Now sure, eventually if you are crazy enough, you will push a guy away, even if you are packing the heat, but in the mean time, keep swinging.   In this Freshman X set,  Derek Rivero Strips down and shows off his very hard, thick cock.

Topless Derek Rivero

We find Derek already with his shirt off and his underwear about to be next.   Raise your free hand if you want to see his dick?

Well Hung Derek Rivero

Out comes the lead pipe!   Now that is a big thick cock!   I’d definitely blow this guy, but not sure I could handle taking that weapon.

Derek Rivero Ass

Look at the weight of his cock and balls!  So heavy they hang like an anchor as Derek has turned his back to us so we can appreciate his smooth gay ass.   Either his hand is massive or his ass is small, which is it?

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Derek Rivero Shows Abs

Sexy gay star Derek Rivero is looking to have some fun and show off the hard work he has put in the gym.   Enjoy as Derek pulls his 21 t-shirt off his ripped body and you get a look at his bulging abs.   Who wants to lick that stomach up and down before sending a load of cum its way?  By the end of this solo set at Freshman X, Derek Rivero has stroked his member hard and is ready to explode.

Derek Rivero

Derek Rivero looking like a model which his stubble covered face as he poses in a t-shirt and blue jeans.

Shirtless Derek Rivero

Off comes the t-shirt so you can appreciate his ripped up body.   Love seeing abs like that.  Follow the path right down to his big cock.

Derek Rivero Pubic Hair

Derek is a little tease too as he pulls down his blue jeans and underwear just far enough so you can see the top of his pubic hair.   He knows we want to see his well hung cock, but he is going to make us work for it a little bit.   But when he does show it, its worth it, as he jerks off like a champ.

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Sebastian Rides Derek Rivero Video

In this hardcore anal video, we find gay porn star Derek Rivero flat on his back while his buddy Sebastian is riding on top of him like a wild bronco.   Each grind crams Derek’s hung cock deeper and deeper inside Sebastian’s tight ass.   He refuses to stop riding him until that mushroom top explodes with cum.  The full length hardcore gay video inside Freshman X is fucking intense and ends with both boys blowing their loads everywhere.

Want to see Derek flip Sebastian over and really go to town drilling for dollars in his ass?

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Zack Rides Derek’s Cock

We’ve seen the foreplay an the blowjobs, but now we get the reward!   Zack has had enough and he intends to have Derek’s cock deep inside his asshole, and by the end of this Freshman X set, that is exactly what happens.  These gay boys fuck in multiple positions but Zack really seems to get super turned on when he is bouncing on top of Derek Rivero’s cock.  Fucking hot!

Derek Rivero & Zack

Zack flexes his muscles while Derek slips up and starts liking the underside of his arm and armpit.   The sexual chemistry between these two is incredible.

Zack Blows Derek Rivero

Zack is on his knees as he works the knob of Derek’s well hung cock.  He wants to deep throat him, but that is quite the challenge.

Zack Rides Derek Rivero Cowboy

His mouth may not have been able to take all of Derek Rivero’s cock, but Zack definitely was able to take the whole thing in his tight ass.   Riding up and down in the reverse cowboy position, you can see that Zack is clearly deep in sexual ecstasy.

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Derek Rivero Shows Off Oral Skills

In this action packed video, we get to watch as twink boy Derek Rivero shows off his impressive oral skills by blowing his great lover Zack in the bed.   Up and down the shaft he works it, tantalizing and teasing Zack into almost busting his nut right then and there.  Have no fear though guys, he holds it in and returns the favor to Derek.   These two end up having some mind blowing ass sex by the end of this Freshman X video.

I like watching a good blowjob like the next guy, but I am ready to see some ass violation.

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Derek Sucks Off Zack

This is a fantastic set with a lot of passion as Derek Rivero and Zack are about to fuck each other raw.   But first Zack pleads to get his cock sucked off by Derek Rivero.  These hot twinks came to Freshman X to give a show, that’s exactly what these guys bring to the table.   If you like raw hardcore passion between two sexy boys, then you will dig this set.

Derek Rivero & Zack

How hot are these boys with their facial hair and cute as hell smiles.   You will appreciate them even more when they got their mouths stuffed with large cocks.

Shirtless Zack & Derek Rivero

Locked in a kiss as they slowly take their t-shirts off, these gorgeous guys are about ready to blow each other.

Derek Rivero Blows Zack

Derek pulls Zack’s cock into mouth and starts to work his tonuge all around the head and shaft of his hard dick.   Zack is about to return the favor, before he pleads with Derek Rivero to stuff his ass with his long dong silver.  They end with a massive cumshot across the bow.

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Derek Blows Sebastian Video

We step right into this xxx gay video as Derek Rivero has his mouth wrapped tightly around the cock of Sebastian.  Up and down he works his tongue and mouth which has Seb ready to burst.   He taps him on the head and begs to have a turn and pleasuring Derek orally.   Can you take that whole cock in your mouth?   Watch as this blowjob scene goes to anal sex in the full Freshman X video.

These boys have shown their ability to give wicked oral sex, but can they fuck like champs too?

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Derek Rivero Fucks Sebastian

Hot boys Derek Rivero and Sebastian are laying on the bed and about to get to some hardcore ass pounding.   But first the boys got to get each other naked.   After some kissing which leads to oral sex, the boys are so fucking hard, that the only logical next step is to have Derek insert his cock deep into Sebastian’s asshole.    This Freshman X set, gets XXX extremely fast.

Sebastian & Derek Rivero

Smiling boys Derek and Sebastian know what is coming next.   They both are imagining what its like to have each others cocks in their mouths.   That is about to happen.

Tugging boys Derek & Sebastian Kissing

As these guys kiss each other, they both are stroking their own cocks.  It would be more fun to have them tug each other, so lets do that!

Derek Rivero Fucks Sebastian

Derek spreads Sebastian’s legs apart and makes sure his asshole is ready for action.  Derek Rivero has his lumber out and he intends to slide his 2×4 deep inside Sebastians ass.   The action get rocking and judging by the face Sebastian is making, he is quite over the moon with pleasure.

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Derek & Sebastian Foreplay

We’ve jerked to solo Derek Rivero, but now Derek wants to bang his buddy Sebastian on camera for you.   He is hoping you really get off to watch him and Sebastian as they make out, blow each other and then get to some serious ass pounding action.   In fact Derek Rivero ends up really beating up Sebastians ass with his thick cock in this Freshman X set.

Derek Rivero & Sebastian

Both guys are smiling and looking adorable in this picture.  But they are both horny and dirty and intend to bust each others nuts.

Shirtless Gay Boys

These sexy guys both have their shirts off now, and Derek Rivero has had enough and reaches down Sebastians pants to get that cock.

Derek & Sebastian Underwear

Both guys are now in only their briefs, but that’s not enough for us!  Nor is it enough for Sebastian as he starts to slide down Derek’s briefs past his ass and that well hung cock pops out to play.   Now its time for some action packed dick sucking and ass pounding!

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Derek Rivero Jerks Off Video

We’ve seen Derek Rivero show off his big cock, but now its time to enjoy him jerking off his dick. In this video clip, Derek is already naked and stroking his cock.   He stands up and gives it a reverse grip and really increases the speed of his stroke.   The full video is at Freshman X, and the load of cum he spews everywhere is incredible.

Up and down his hand slides as his penis gets closer to the point of exploding his love juice.

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