Derek Rivero Fucks Sebastian

Hot boys Derek Rivero and Sebastian are laying on the bed and about to get to some hardcore ass pounding.   But first the boys got to get each other naked.   After some kissing which leads to oral sex, the boys are so fucking hard, that the only logical next step is to have Derek insert his cock deep into Sebastian’s asshole.    This Freshman X set, gets XXX extremely fast.

Sebastian & Derek Rivero

Smiling boys Derek and Sebastian know what is coming next.   They both are imagining what its like to have each others cocks in their mouths.   That is about to happen.

Tugging boys Derek & Sebastian Kissing

As these guys kiss each other, they both are stroking their own cocks.  It would be more fun to have them tug each other, so lets do that!

Derek Rivero Fucks Sebastian

Derek spreads Sebastian’s legs apart and makes sure his asshole is ready for action.  Derek Rivero has his lumber out and he intends to slide his 2×4 deep inside Sebastians ass.   The action get rocking and judging by the face Sebastian is making, he is quite over the moon with pleasure.

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